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*Art Caddies

*Noun Sense Board Game

*38 Ways to Entertain your  Grandparents

*Colourful Playing Card Holders


*Travel Tags & Handle Holders

To Order Email beadsnbags4all@gmail.com with the name of your item, and item number if applicable.

To ORDER: Select your product.

  • Email us for delivery or pick up options, or Mail by Canada Post (postage added to price)  

  • Send email to beadsnbags4all@gmail.com

  • You will receive a response within 48 hours indicating estimated completion, pickup/delivery, and total costs.

  • Payment:  If picking up or being delivered, payment is by cash or cheque (made out to Oomama). If being delivered by Mail, send cheque by mail (made out to Oomama), or send eTransfer to leslie.kulokas@gmail.com

  • ​If you have any questions or concerns about sizing, ordering, etc. feel free to send a query to beadsnbags4all@gmail.com

Art Caddies

V1 Art Caddy

A portable Art Caddy in a fold over style.  It comes with 8 crayons and a pad of paper.  Only 2 left and then this version will be ‘retired.’ 

 $8 each

V2 1-6    Art Caddy

A portable Art Caddy with carrying handles and a zippered case for crayons or pencils. Comes with a pad of paper and your choice of 24 Crayola Crayons or 12 Coloured pencils.

$15 each

Noun Sense Board Game

A hilarious board game of word substitution for 1 – 6 players.  A great way to motivate children to read.  

Ages 7+     Cost $15

Note: This game cannot be mailed cost effectively so will be pickup or delivery in the Mississauga/Oakville/Etobicoke area.

Book – "38 Ways to Entertain your Grandparents"

This is a story about having fun together with the grandparents.  Contains instructions for playing games or recipes for treats.  

Great for ages 5 – 8.  Cost $12 each or 2 for $20

Colourful Playing Card Holders

These colourful holders are helpful in holding many cards – especially easy to use for children and adults who may need help holding cards.

Pricing - $6 each or 2 for $10

Scrubbies 1-5


These are our popular hand-knit Pot or Dish Scrubbies.  They are approximately 5” by 4” and have been tried by many of our members. Made of polyester yarn, they do the job, wash up easily, last for ages, and are a perfect little ‘stocking stuffer.’

Pricing - They are a real bargain at

3 for $5


Baggage Tags and Handle Wraps

Do you have trouble identifying your luggage???  Here’s your solution .  A fold over Bag Tag with Velcro closure that hides your name and contact inside. The fabric loop attaches easily to your bag.  The handle wraps go around the handles on your bags giving some padding as well as another way to make you luggage unique and easily identified.

Each set comes with 1 Bag Tag and 2 handle wraps.  $10 per set


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